Off-shore Near-shore development

The pros and pros of outsourcing
Our years of experience in the business has highlighted the many advantages outsourcing brings to your organization:
Control capital costs: Outsourcing converts fixed costs into variable costs, allow you to have more capital to invest elsewhere in your business, and avoid large expenses in the early stages of your business.
Reduce labor costs: Training your employees for a peripheral project is very expensive. In addition, temporary employees do not usually live up to your expectations. Offshore Development lets you focus your human resources where you need them most. 
Start new projects fast: One of the great advantages of an outsourcing firm is that it has a trained bench of resources that enables you to start a project immediately, while avoiding the need to take the time to hire and train staff at your own company. 
Focus on your core business: Outsourcing can help your business to shift its focus toward work that serves the customer, as opposed to peripheral activities, and it can help managers set their priorities more clearly. The off-shore model allows you to hire the top resources in for your internal company to manage the customer and lead the off-shore team.
Reduce risk. Outsourcing providers are generally better at deciding how to avoid risks in their areas of expertise. They can help you assume, manage and avoid business risks in specific markets, competition, government regulations, financial conditions and technologies.  

"It's easy to make good decisions when there are no bad options" Robert Half