SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)

A road map to better communications with your suppliers
SDM SRM Practice specialists can help you customize a strategy to support better communication with your suppliers.SDM offers proven methodologies, best practices, and SDM-developed tools to get your (SAP SRM) solution implemented quickly enabling your business to run more productively reducing costs. Our SRM experts can assist you with building a comprehensive e-procurement strategy, evaluating various catalog solutions and developing an implementation plan using the SRM solution in classic, extended classic or standalone modes.

Implementation/Key Tasks/Deliverables by SDM SRM experts will include:
  • Sizing, hardware selection and creation of system environment with Development, Quality and production
  • Design and deploy system landscape Blueprint for the SRM / E-Sourcing implementation
  • Define and validate scope of pilot/project
  • Scope out and help define a catalog strategy Installation and Configuration of SRM and its components in the recommended scenario
  • Integration of SRM with SAP R/3 if required Configure processes for P-Card and non P-Card purchasing
  • Design and implementation of workflow processes, based on client needs
  • Migration of catalogs to Master Data Management (SRM-MDM) tool
  • Interfacing of SRM with other systems
  • Business Intelligence, XI, MDM, E-Sourcing, SAP R3 and other system interfaces
  • Interfacing of SRM with other systems
  • Define and Execute Unit and System test
  • Determine Training approach and strategy
  • Migration of SRM and its components to production environment
  • Assistance in development of training materials
  • Delivery of training to super users
  • Roll out SRM to other locations
  • Production support
  • EBP / SRM Architecture and Components - Hardware and software requirements (High level)
  • PILOT Strategy - Phased approach, resource requirements, PILOT users and suppliers
  • SAP's BW-based EBP reporting, for vendor statistics, e-procurement efficacy, KPI monitoring for EBP implementations

 "After all, it's the future of business communication that we're looking toward." Jim Barksdale